Founded in 2012 by Fashion Designer Sabine Staartjes
Bring More Color To Your Life!
Sabine Staartjes started in 2012 with her label Studio Sabine Staartjes. Sabine designs clothing, accessories and jewelry. For collections, customers and artists. In her work she explores the boundary between wearable and art. Organized chaos is a term that fits well with her designs. "I am always developing new techniques, combinations and craft. Originality is really important and I am always looking for something that does not exist." An important aspect in her collections is that all clothing is one-of-a-kind, sustainable and handmade. Her designs are original, contrasting and colorful, fabulous, comfortable and unique pieces.

Do you want a custom made garment? From wedding dresses to children's clothing, from performance clothing to bathing suits. Everything is possible! Send an email quickly via: info@sabinestaartjes.com for your request! Or fill in the form below.


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